Wednesday, November 23

What's a music blog if you don't have headphones?? (Sennheiser hd202)

Yea, yea, I've been gone for way too long...
My babies died. My beautiful purple and gold WESC headphones died. No, I will not listen via earbuds. I'd rather suffer a month of only listening at home, via speakers, and save for another pair.
I didn't get another pair of WESC ones; the purple were my second, and they keep dieing all too soon, no matter how awesome the sound. Besides, my twin sis got a pair of this other German brand six months ago, and if she hadn't killed them yet, I figured they must be indestructible.(Germans make awesome headphones. AWEsome.)

So, of course, I bought myself a pair: Sennheiser HD202. Over the ear (duh...), super comfy! And yes, the sound is amazing- great bass, clear vocals... I'm loving these babies!! (oh, and they came with an adapter for an electric whatever-the-hell-you-play!!)

(of couse, this means I'll be posting more often!)

Wednesday, October 19


I've got no stories of how if you like this, you'll like this or how I found Cartel. I stumbled across The Perfect Mistake while browsing youtube, and for weeks, I had "Get out, get out, that's what she said" and a clip of that chick walking away stuck in my head. It may have been a month before I thought to google the words I knew.. But I did at some point, and low and behold- Cartel!

Cartel formed in 2003 in Conyers, Georgia. They are probably best known for Honestly, but if I'm being honest with myself, its by no means my favorite song by them. The five members (Will Pugh, vocals, Nic Hudson, rhythm guitar, Joseph Pepper, lead guitar, Kevin Sanders, drums, William Lett, bass) meet while attending Georgia State University. Eventually, they got signed by and independent label in southern California, and released their EP The Ransom. At that time, Andy Lee was on rhythm guitar, but he was soon replaced. Shortly after, the group got busy and released Chroma, in 2005. Within the year, they were listed in a few magazines and web posts as and "up and coming" band. In 2006, they signed with a new label, and toured with a few other bands in 2007. Not much later than that, they went back on tour with headlining bands such as Cobra Starship, Boys Like Girls, Quietdrive, and New Atlantic.
2007 was a busy year- They also put out a second album, self-titled, on an MTV show called Band In A Bubble.
In 2009, Cycles came out, making the third album in six years, something most bands never do and most fans dream of. They also toured again, with Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, 30h!3, Good Charlotte, and Forever The Sickest Kids.

For a while it seemed like Cartel was going off the charts, besides playing shows around. Thankfully, that is not the case! True, William Lett left to finish school, but a single came out in late July- Lessons In Love- and that's not all! An new EP just came out on October 4th, titled In Stereo! (I'm still re-playing The Perfect Mistake and Faster Ride.)

Tuesday, October 18

The Postal Service

So you love Death Cab For Cutie's soft vocals and sweet rhythms, but it just doesn't quite hit the spot? Or maybe it's down pat for some days, and off for others? Or maybe you just want more. Whatever the case, who can hate the vocals of DCFC? I get that some can't get behind some other aspects of the band, but I love them. (oh, right. We're not talking about them.)

We are talking about The Postal Service. Yes, this is a music blog, so I am not talking about how you mail letters. The Postal Service is a band- made of two members, both who are in other bands. Ben Gibbard, singer for DCFC, is the singer. (shocker...) Jimmy Tamborello, master mind of Dntel, has pulled most of the rest together. The two often bring in other musicians, but these guys are constants.
The name came from the way they made their music. Sure, LA to Seattle isn't quite like LA to Florida to India to France, but The Postal Service wasn't something serious, and so they wrote and recorded their own pieces, and sent the DATs back and forth. Thru the United States Postal Service.
The band has released one full album so far- Give Up. As their first release, it came out in Febuary 2003. The album ended up being their label record's biggest hit since Nirvana's Bleach. Since they have released multiple EPs, and three singles.
The Postal Service is a pretty Under-the-radar band, especially for a band made of two other highly successful musicians, but isn't the indie genre all about enjoying what no-one else knows? All I know is I can't get The District Sleeps Alone Tonight out of my head, and it probably doesn't help that I can't stop playing it. It's like an addiction. Oh, and two other favorites are Nothing Better and Such Great Hights.

Monday, October 17

Metro Station

When I first started highschool, in late 2007, I made friends with a girl. Not so shocking, when you consider that I am also female, but I was, at the time, a cloaked female, and that wasn't all of my ex-home-schooled gothicness. But, point is, this girl was my friend, and she was a musical type. Until 7th period computers, my knowledge of music was limited to my dad's collection, which is actually pretty huge. And then this girl started shoving headphones over my ears, showing me all these cool bands no-one in our hippie town knew about. and metro station was among those bands.

Metro Station is (or was) a pretty awesome band; and they were ahead of their time, which probably goes a bit to say why they were still pretty underground at the time. The four boys that formed it when they broke up in march of 2010 are Trace Cyrus, (yea, that Miley chick's older brother.) Mason Musso, (also an older brother of a kid on the Hannah Montana set), Blake Healy, and Anthony Improgo.
The boys of Metro Station loved their electronics, thats for sure. They didn't quite hit the level of Techno, but they came pretty close. They also were smooth and slick with their words- Goodnight & Goodbye is like a 2008 version of Justin Beiber's song Baby- with dark twists of hate and revenge. (But, of course, Goodnight & Goodbye came first.) And, by no means is that their only revenge-loving corrupt breakup song. Besides Kelsey and Shake It, the group was probably best known for Trace's on-again-off-again relationship with Hannah Beth, and the great angry-yet-sweet songs that came from it. One of my favorites by them is actually titled Dear Hannah.

The band grouped up from 2006 till 2008, when Anthony joined them, but they only lasted two years after that. However, if you like them too much, don't fear- Metro Station is back! (as of May 31st, 2011). Unfortunately, there is one thing we won't be hearing from them anymore- Trace's whispered verses about perils of not trusting ones you love. You see, Metro Station is back- as a one-man-band. Mason has brought both Blake and Anthony in at parts, but neither had made a permanent commitment to re-form the pop band, but Trace has so-far been left out of the whole gig. (He did have a reputation for being a handful....) 

I'm glad to hear that they're back up, and I do love the new song Closer and Closer, but it doesn't sound the same without that ominous raspy voice. I'll always hold After The Fall in my heart.

Friday, October 14

Neon Trees

Sexual music- Today, it's so out-there, so blunt. Music isn't something to be like that. Who wants to hear a pink-haired female rapper belt out pseudo rhymes about how much she would like to screw some guy to a beat contrived in a office on a computer?

If your looking fore something spicy, start with In The Next Room. It's real music recorded in a true studio with real instruments. Don't get me wrong- it's not your parents music. They've managed to find that fine line- Have you ever heard something with lyrics along the lines of The Bad Touch sound so classy? It's mind-blowing.
Of Course, Animals is their top hit, reaching 1st place on Alternative Rock charts. The song came off the first full-length album these guys gave us, in 2010. They started calling themselves Neon Trees (after the In-n-Out signs) in 2005, and their EP came out in 2006. They opened for The Killers in 2008, and 30 Seconds To Mars in 2010 before headlining for the Bang The Gong tour in summer, and headed back out with 30 Seconds To Mars in fall. Since, they have opened for My Chemical Romance, had Animal featured on Glee, and won Top Alternative Song for Animal, trumping dreams of Mumford & Sons, Florence & The Machine, and Linkin Park.

Neon Trees are a pretty good thing to come of this world, and in my opinion, Calling My Name is the best of them.


Did you know there's a new reggae group floating around? They call themselves SuperHeavy, and they've been playing together since 2009, but only recently told anyone- the first album came out May 2011. Two things I'm sure your wondering- Why so secretive? and How are they doing if they didn't tell anyone??
And I've got one answer to both of your questions.

SuperHeavy has about five band members- Eurythmics founder Dave Stewart, Reggae star Damion Marley, Soul singer Joss Stone, Academy Award winning composer A.R.Rahman, and the famed rockstar Mick Jagger.

They're a quirky group, but they say they love working together, and it ends up sounding amazing, so lets put our stereotypes of these people behind. The album released is titled SuperHeavy, as is the first song, which was free on iTunes for a period of time shortly after the release. But how did such a combination start, if not for record labels pushing it? (which was not the case) Stewart and Jagger had been daydreaming about a band of people from different musical backgrounds for quite some time before they got into the studio with Stone. The three of them had worked together before, on the soundtrack for Alfie, in 2004. But that wasn't enough. They sped things up by bringing in Damion Marley. Both Jagger and Stewart love Jamaican music, they said, so it only further fulfilled the dream to bring him in on their secret band. The two had also each worked with Reggae before, on separate occasions. But even with such diversity, they needed something more... Just a little tweak. They needed a touch of Indian taste to the mix, which is where A.R.Rahman was lassoed on to this lump of sticky-putty. After all, he is the man who changed Indian contemporary music once and for all.

SuperHeavy (the album) is awesome to listen to, but its kindof a jumble. The band members claim this is not all to blame on diverse music backgrounds, but also on the fact that almost every song is recorded in a different corner of the world- and the ones that aren't are recorded in all corners! (oh, and maybe a bit of the mixed-upness was because they didn't write before they went into the studio, they just went along with whatever happened.)
Recently, something else came out- Just a single, called Miracle Worker, accompanied by a striking video. 

I called SuperHeavy a reggae band earlier, but that's not exactly what they are. Nor are they rock, or really anything. They see it as having created their own genre. (call it the mad scientists genre) I don't really care- Mad Scientists, Rappers, Reggae guys, it makes no difference. The sound they produce is awesome, and I'm in love with Rock Me Gently.