Wednesday, October 19


I've got no stories of how if you like this, you'll like this or how I found Cartel. I stumbled across The Perfect Mistake while browsing youtube, and for weeks, I had "Get out, get out, that's what she said" and a clip of that chick walking away stuck in my head. It may have been a month before I thought to google the words I knew.. But I did at some point, and low and behold- Cartel!

Cartel formed in 2003 in Conyers, Georgia. They are probably best known for Honestly, but if I'm being honest with myself, its by no means my favorite song by them. The five members (Will Pugh, vocals, Nic Hudson, rhythm guitar, Joseph Pepper, lead guitar, Kevin Sanders, drums, William Lett, bass) meet while attending Georgia State University. Eventually, they got signed by and independent label in southern California, and released their EP The Ransom. At that time, Andy Lee was on rhythm guitar, but he was soon replaced. Shortly after, the group got busy and released Chroma, in 2005. Within the year, they were listed in a few magazines and web posts as and "up and coming" band. In 2006, they signed with a new label, and toured with a few other bands in 2007. Not much later than that, they went back on tour with headlining bands such as Cobra Starship, Boys Like Girls, Quietdrive, and New Atlantic.
2007 was a busy year- They also put out a second album, self-titled, on an MTV show called Band In A Bubble.
In 2009, Cycles came out, making the third album in six years, something most bands never do and most fans dream of. They also toured again, with Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, 30h!3, Good Charlotte, and Forever The Sickest Kids.

For a while it seemed like Cartel was going off the charts, besides playing shows around. Thankfully, that is not the case! True, William Lett left to finish school, but a single came out in late July- Lessons In Love- and that's not all! An new EP just came out on October 4th, titled In Stereo! (I'm still re-playing The Perfect Mistake and Faster Ride.)

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