Monday, October 17

Metro Station

When I first started highschool, in late 2007, I made friends with a girl. Not so shocking, when you consider that I am also female, but I was, at the time, a cloaked female, and that wasn't all of my ex-home-schooled gothicness. But, point is, this girl was my friend, and she was a musical type. Until 7th period computers, my knowledge of music was limited to my dad's collection, which is actually pretty huge. And then this girl started shoving headphones over my ears, showing me all these cool bands no-one in our hippie town knew about. and metro station was among those bands.

Metro Station is (or was) a pretty awesome band; and they were ahead of their time, which probably goes a bit to say why they were still pretty underground at the time. The four boys that formed it when they broke up in march of 2010 are Trace Cyrus, (yea, that Miley chick's older brother.) Mason Musso, (also an older brother of a kid on the Hannah Montana set), Blake Healy, and Anthony Improgo.
The boys of Metro Station loved their electronics, thats for sure. They didn't quite hit the level of Techno, but they came pretty close. They also were smooth and slick with their words- Goodnight & Goodbye is like a 2008 version of Justin Beiber's song Baby- with dark twists of hate and revenge. (But, of course, Goodnight & Goodbye came first.) And, by no means is that their only revenge-loving corrupt breakup song. Besides Kelsey and Shake It, the group was probably best known for Trace's on-again-off-again relationship with Hannah Beth, and the great angry-yet-sweet songs that came from it. One of my favorites by them is actually titled Dear Hannah.

The band grouped up from 2006 till 2008, when Anthony joined them, but they only lasted two years after that. However, if you like them too much, don't fear- Metro Station is back! (as of May 31st, 2011). Unfortunately, there is one thing we won't be hearing from them anymore- Trace's whispered verses about perils of not trusting ones you love. You see, Metro Station is back- as a one-man-band. Mason has brought both Blake and Anthony in at parts, but neither had made a permanent commitment to re-form the pop band, but Trace has so-far been left out of the whole gig. (He did have a reputation for being a handful....) 

I'm glad to hear that they're back up, and I do love the new song Closer and Closer, but it doesn't sound the same without that ominous raspy voice. I'll always hold After The Fall in my heart.

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