Friday, October 14

Neon Trees

Sexual music- Today, it's so out-there, so blunt. Music isn't something to be like that. Who wants to hear a pink-haired female rapper belt out pseudo rhymes about how much she would like to screw some guy to a beat contrived in a office on a computer?

If your looking fore something spicy, start with In The Next Room. It's real music recorded in a true studio with real instruments. Don't get me wrong- it's not your parents music. They've managed to find that fine line- Have you ever heard something with lyrics along the lines of The Bad Touch sound so classy? It's mind-blowing.
Of Course, Animals is their top hit, reaching 1st place on Alternative Rock charts. The song came off the first full-length album these guys gave us, in 2010. They started calling themselves Neon Trees (after the In-n-Out signs) in 2005, and their EP came out in 2006. They opened for The Killers in 2008, and 30 Seconds To Mars in 2010 before headlining for the Bang The Gong tour in summer, and headed back out with 30 Seconds To Mars in fall. Since, they have opened for My Chemical Romance, had Animal featured on Glee, and won Top Alternative Song for Animal, trumping dreams of Mumford & Sons, Florence & The Machine, and Linkin Park.

Neon Trees are a pretty good thing to come of this world, and in my opinion, Calling My Name is the best of them.

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