Friday, October 14


Did you know there's a new reggae group floating around? They call themselves SuperHeavy, and they've been playing together since 2009, but only recently told anyone- the first album came out May 2011. Two things I'm sure your wondering- Why so secretive? and How are they doing if they didn't tell anyone??
And I've got one answer to both of your questions.

SuperHeavy has about five band members- Eurythmics founder Dave Stewart, Reggae star Damion Marley, Soul singer Joss Stone, Academy Award winning composer A.R.Rahman, and the famed rockstar Mick Jagger.

They're a quirky group, but they say they love working together, and it ends up sounding amazing, so lets put our stereotypes of these people behind. The album released is titled SuperHeavy, as is the first song, which was free on iTunes for a period of time shortly after the release. But how did such a combination start, if not for record labels pushing it? (which was not the case) Stewart and Jagger had been daydreaming about a band of people from different musical backgrounds for quite some time before they got into the studio with Stone. The three of them had worked together before, on the soundtrack for Alfie, in 2004. But that wasn't enough. They sped things up by bringing in Damion Marley. Both Jagger and Stewart love Jamaican music, they said, so it only further fulfilled the dream to bring him in on their secret band. The two had also each worked with Reggae before, on separate occasions. But even with such diversity, they needed something more... Just a little tweak. They needed a touch of Indian taste to the mix, which is where A.R.Rahman was lassoed on to this lump of sticky-putty. After all, he is the man who changed Indian contemporary music once and for all.

SuperHeavy (the album) is awesome to listen to, but its kindof a jumble. The band members claim this is not all to blame on diverse music backgrounds, but also on the fact that almost every song is recorded in a different corner of the world- and the ones that aren't are recorded in all corners! (oh, and maybe a bit of the mixed-upness was because they didn't write before they went into the studio, they just went along with whatever happened.)
Recently, something else came out- Just a single, called Miracle Worker, accompanied by a striking video. 

I called SuperHeavy a reggae band earlier, but that's not exactly what they are. Nor are they rock, or really anything. They see it as having created their own genre. (call it the mad scientists genre) I don't really care- Mad Scientists, Rappers, Reggae guys, it makes no difference. The sound they produce is awesome, and I'm in love with Rock Me Gently.

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