Wednesday, November 23

What's a music blog if you don't have headphones?? (Sennheiser hd202)

Yea, yea, I've been gone for way too long...
My babies died. My beautiful purple and gold WESC headphones died. No, I will not listen via earbuds. I'd rather suffer a month of only listening at home, via speakers, and save for another pair.
I didn't get another pair of WESC ones; the purple were my second, and they keep dieing all too soon, no matter how awesome the sound. Besides, my twin sis got a pair of this other German brand six months ago, and if she hadn't killed them yet, I figured they must be indestructible.(Germans make awesome headphones. AWEsome.)

So, of course, I bought myself a pair: Sennheiser HD202. Over the ear (duh...), super comfy! And yes, the sound is amazing- great bass, clear vocals... I'm loving these babies!! (oh, and they came with an adapter for an electric whatever-the-hell-you-play!!)

(of couse, this means I'll be posting more often!)